Founded in 1989, the Nature Camp Foundation (NCF) enjoys a rich history of providing campers, counselors and friends of Nature Camp a lasting way to stay connected. Through this connection, the Foundation gives needed financial, auxiliary and hands-on support to Camp.

In addition to providing the semi annual newsletter, The Afterglow, the NCF keeps supporters connected and informed through its website and social media presence. The Foundation also holds reunions, hosts social and fundraising events, and supports several scholarships every year for campers in need. At the beginning and end of each summer, it organizes service weekends for volunteers to maintain and upgrade the camp’s buildings, grounds and facilities. Speakers at Nature Camp promote Camp to potential campers and organizations and offer a pool of talented professionals including lawyers, fundraisers, engineers and accountants to support the camp as needed.

A common goal and shared value that drives the Foundation is a desire to give back and ensure the continued success of a place that means so much to so many. The NCF supports the shared belief that you cannot care for what you do not love, you cannot love what you do not understand, and you cannot understand what you are not taught—what Nature Camp itself does. If you have not already done so, we encourage you to become part of our NCF community.


Fall Service Weekend 2016

     Fall Service Weekend 2016 was a resounding success with milestones achieved and grand, new projects announced. All of the buildings in Camp have been re-roofed during a recent Service Weekend and are now better protected from the elements. Those tireless laborers who have shucked old roofing, hefted heavy packs of new shingles on […]