Board Development Committee

     A recent meeting among members of both NCF and NCI boards brought forth a pressing issue: camp is growing and the responsibilities of our hard working board members are increasing; however, we only utilize a small fraction of the many talented people who wish to provide support for camp. Thus the idea of a committee, henceforth called the Board Development Committee, to identify and recruit talented people to help serve on sub-committees was born. The BDC, chaired by the NCF Vice President, will help staff several committees by contacting interested individuals and facilitating their transition to the board. At present, we have a strong need for a Communications Committee to help share the work of the Communications Chair. We also would value a Development (fundraising) Committee to help our Chair reach out to those who wish to give money to support camp. If you have any interest in serving on the BDC, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the address below. I look forward to reaching out and expanding the breadth of in-kind support for Nature Camp!

 – 434-426-5550


Spring Service Weekend 2017

The past Spring Service Weekend, which took place the third weekend of May (as it does each year), resulted in the completion of many smaller projects as well as progress on those continuing from weekends prior. Service weekend is an opportunity for those who believe in Camp’s mission to gather there, enjoy the company of […]