Nature Camp Foundation Board Development

NCF Board Position Updates

     Annie White gave us 3 plus years of faithful, dedicated leadership as NCF President and has helped to add needed structure to many of our processes. Her tireless commitment to moving Nature Camp forward will surely be missed! Completing the end of Annie’s term and assuming the mantle of President is Nell Fredericksen. Nell comes to us after 9 years and countless hours of work as our Communications director. Before that she was a counselor and camper and her two children are current campers. She also designs the camp t-shirts each year and prepares delicious meals at Service Weekends. We are delighted to have her at the helm for the next several years!

     Sharon Keith has been appointed to fulfill the remainder of Nell’s term as Communications director this year and to fill the position for the next full term starting January 1, 2018. Sharon was both a camper and counselor and has had both of her children attend Camp. Since moving back into this area she has wanted to get more involved and brings to the position new energy and a strong knowledge base.

     After helping camp transition to more socially responsible investing as Finance chair during this last term, Kevin Wheeler will be stepping down. We are grateful for his service and expertise in helping camp achieve its long term financial goals. At present, we are searching for a replacement. Please email me or talk to a board member if you know someone with financial or business experience.

     Finally, we will be searching for candidates for the Vice President position on the NCF board. This is an elected position that will carry with it a bit more responsibility than in past years (see below for Board Development Committee news). If you know someone with an interest in locating and recruiting talent among the greater Nature Camp community, please email me at the address below.

 – 434-426-5550


Spring Service Weekend 2017

The past Spring Service Weekend, which took place the third weekend of May (as it does each year), resulted in the completion of many smaller projects as well as progress on those continuing from weekends prior. Service weekend is an opportunity for those who believe in Camp’s mission to gather there, enjoy the company of […]