Board & Committees

Nature Camp Foundation Board of Directors

Annie White, President

Chris Chamberlin, Vice-President

Sarah Hulcher, Secretary

Amy Wingfield Clark, Treasurer

Alia Anderson, At Large

Graelyn Brashear, At Large

Joseph M Irby II, Development Committee Chair

Kevin Wheeler, Finance Committee Chair

Nell J. Fredericksen, Communications Chair

Corey Basham, Service Weekend Chair

Nature Camp Foundation Committees

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee coordinates efforts to ensure that members of the Nature Camp family are kept abreast of developments within the Foundation and issues that affect Nature Camp. It oversees print communications such as brochures and publishes The Afterglow, distributing it by email, post, and website. It coordinates the content of the web sites for both the Nature Camp Foundation and Nature Camp, Inc.

Development Committee

The Development Committee plans and conducts the annual giving campaign to raise funds for the Foundation, identifies potential sources of funding, seeks grant support, and thanks donors.

Service Weekend Committee

The Service Weekend Committee plans and coordinates volunteers to assist with the maintenance and improvements  of the physical facilities of Nature Camp during Service Weekends.

These are held twice a year – the third weekend in May and the third weekend in September, typically, starting at about noon Friday until Sunday about 3:00 pm. Volunteers enjoy the full use of camp facilities, and projects abound for both skilled and unskilled labor – everyone is welcome.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee develops investment policies and oversees the investment, management, and accounting of the financial assets of the Foundation. It reviews quarterly statements and annual independent audits.


Spring Service Weekend 2017

The past Spring Service Weekend, which took place the third weekend of May (as it does each year), resulted in the completion of many smaller projects as well as progress on those continuing from weekends prior. Service weekend is an opportunity for those who believe in Camp’s mission to gather there, enjoy the company of […]