Scholarship Fund

Nature Camp Foundation’s financial support in recent years has focused primarily on providing substantial funding to Nature Camp for infrastructure and equipment upgrades and providing limited scholarship funding for campers to attend summer sessions at Nature Camp.

Tuition assistance, however, has gained increasing importance in today’s troubled economy, and the need is expected to continue. Nature Camp has experienced this need, and about 40% of campers each summer receive financial assistance, either through scholarships (externally funded) or tuition reduction grants (income forfeited).  The majority of this annual financial assistance is provided through generous gifts from garden clubs or individuals in support of specific campers or for Nature Camp to distribute as needed. You, too, may make a scholarship donation directly to Nature Camp or through NCF that is  designated for the support of a camper or campers.

To augment this support, and to grow and ensure a stable, long-term source of financial assistance to campers, the Foundation set up a Scholarship Account that is separate from its Legacy and Operating Accounts. Start-up funds of $50,000 were deposited into this new investment account with the goal of building on it to generate a nominal 5% annual return.  The dividends and income from this account are provided to Nature Camp annually to support several additional scholarship awards to campers that otherwise would not be able to attend. That means you may make donations designated for the NCF Scholarship Account and thereby be a part of making sure the Nature Camp experience continues to be available in the future to every child who wants to attend.


Spring Service Weekend 2017

The past Spring Service Weekend, which took place the third weekend of May (as it does each year), resulted in the completion of many smaller projects as well as progress on those continuing from weekends prior. Service weekend is an opportunity for those who believe in Camp’s mission to gather there, enjoy the company of […]