Service Weekends

Service weekends are among the most enjoyable, hands-on ways of giving back to Nature Camp. They are scheduled twice a year, on the third weekend of May and the third weekend of September. All volunteers are welcome regardless of age, skill, or length of stay. There are no fees for attending, food is provided, and the evenings are marked with music and songs accompanied by the banjos, guitars, and fiddles brought by attendees the weekend.

Between 50 and 70 enthusiasts usually show up each weekend. Most spend both nights, camping or sleeping in the bunkhouses; some come just for a day as their schedules allow. Teams are organized for various work projects, ranging from simple to complex, from light to heavy, including those suitable for amateurs and others requiring special skills. This could mean repairing screens and shutter hinges, pulling weeds and picking up roadside trash, and cleaning out drainage ditches. Or it could mean reshingling building roofs, installing new flooring and joists, making carpentry repairs and upgrading plumbing and electrical fixtures.

The projects vary with each weekend as needs are identified. The labor costs saved are very significant, amounting to many tens of thousands of dollars over the years. The camaraderie developed is incalculable.

If you are interested in coming to a service weekend or want to learn more, please contact Corey Basham (

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Each time you attend a Service Weekend, we are now asking you to sign a release and waiver form. These waivers are considered a best practice and many service organizations use them. We believe it prudent for us to have these waivers in hand. We know you all love Camp and wouldn’t want anything to happen to it, so we are taking steps to ensure Camp is protected. The language is similar to that used in many waiver forms of Habitat for Humanity organizations. In addition, we will ask parents of minor children who send their kids to service events at Camp with non-custodial adults to sign the Minor release form and send it with their child(ren).

Nature Camp – Release and Waiver
Nature Camp – Release and Waiver for Minors
Policy on Unaccompanied Minors at Nature Camp during events


Spring Service Weekend 2017

The past Spring Service Weekend, which took place the third weekend of May (as it does each year), resulted in the completion of many smaller projects as well as progress on those continuing from weekends prior. Service weekend is an opportunity for those who believe in Camp’s mission to gather there, enjoy the company of […]